Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stash - #14 The One With Fabric In It

I have new fabric this week, surprise ,surprise!

I won't muck around as I went out last night to my Eldest Wee Bird's BFF's  21st and partied like it was was not 1999 and I am not 28 anymore and Baby OWB woke up at 6am!!!!

Say no more.

So lets dive right in....Heather Ross Far Far this wee frog

Moda Into The Woods by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda...interestingly the top fabric states the colour as Ice Frappe and the other minty greens are Cypress, but they all blend together fine.

 Trendsetter by Fancy Pants designs for Riley the name Fancy Pants LOL
Anyone noticing a minty green theme going on here....

 Figures by Zen Chic, in Linen and Saffron

Avant Garden by MoMo, top to bottom dots in Sage, Olive and Cerise.
I also bought it the Aloe  colourway which you'll see goes nicely with Mustang. Not minty at all but a happy mistake.

Mustang by Melody Miller from Cotton and Steel... Arrows  and Flowers.
I was trying to resist these prints and just go for the blenders, but they jumped into my cart and I'm not disappointed.

Miss Kate from Bonnie and Camille, I'm still a fan of B & C and always will because of these kind of blues, gorgeous and crisp!!

And more Low Volume just because I can't seem to get enough of these and with all the different Bees and Round Robin sewing I have been doing ( you just haven't seen any yet!!) some are being used up before they even make it to the shelf!

The top B&W print is from Carrie Bloomston's new collection Paint.
The 3 below are from Elementary by Sweetwater for Moda...I predict this will be another very succesful line for them with the mixture of LV, Text and Numbers.

Last but certainly not least is this Dr Seuss ABC panel...purely for baby OWB as we are all Dr Seuss mad around here and she's just started to get into the books...just another excuse really, but she did utter the appropriate WOW when I showed her.

I am training her well

I have also signed up for the Little Quilt Swap run by Sarah...but more on that next week...she says yawning

Linking up with Molli who's going all retro this week with Nancy Drew...I was a Famous Five kinda girl ;)

Molli Sparkles


  1. Lovely fabrics! It is hard to pick but i think love the frog and the arrows the most.

  2. That a fabulous variety of fabrics!! I agree, Sweetwater have done it again with the amazingly versatile text/numbers, and I am so far resisting cotton and steel, but I can feel my resolve crumbling. They look so good!!

  3. So that is the colour of 'ice frappe'! (I didn't know and it had been keeping me up at night! :) )
    I too might have bought some Miss Kate. Holiday rules apply to fabric purchases at the moment.

  4. I feel your pain - oh for the days when I could drink and stay up late all at the same time. Some good stuff here, you'd better get sewing!

  5. What a great selection. You won't know where to start with all these options. I'd just sit and look at them all for a week before I cut into any of them.

  6. Ha ha I did that once and the babes woke up with a stomach bug ... Never. Ever. Again.

  7. Oh looks like you have been busy! I a can't agree more about Elementary it's got so many good prints.


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