Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Stash # 15 - Sneaky Goings On

Sunday again? How did that roll around so quickly?

 Must be because I have been up to no good sneaking and lurking around the internet...that sounds way more creepy when I read it back!

Let me clarify

Swap bee

I joined this, Little Quilt Swap on Instagram! Look at me getting all IG and jiggy wit it!

If you know me at all...which some of you do too well...I am a huge fan of all things Sarah and was super gutted when I missed out on the call.She stopped it at 200 and I was only a couple of hours behind the post!! But messaged me shortly thereafter to say there were 10 very sad people who just missed whats another 10...YAY!

So this weeks fabric is brought to you by Fabric Shack and Super Sleuthy OWB

These three also came but in the cold light of day they didn't make the cut...too light and more pastel against the others...poor wallflowers.
PK Picnic Tonal Cherries in Butter , PK Picnic Simple Dot in Mint and White and 30s Playtime in Betty's Pink.......I don't know who Betty is but it's a weird pink, more Dusty Rose.

These are all Gracie Girl by Lori Holt and were on sale @ $4.99!!! So of course I did the practical thing and bought some to puff out the parcel.

Last but not least Sweet Things mini Cherries in Grey.....also on Sale...just sayin ;)

I also bought this book....a little disappointed by the content but it wasn't very expensive and I think I will make at least two things from it....

Plus I have been doing a little of this....all will be revealed on y'all come back now!

Linking up with Molli who is going to do a T-Shirt Quilt Post soon, which I can't wait for as Mr OWB has a rather large collection of Surf Shirts that I would love to make into a quilt!

 Molli Sparkles


  1. Wow looks like a great week for stash additions, I bought some Gracie Girl too, also a bargain (especially for the UK). The ladybird looks stunning, can't wait to see what it becomes!

  2. Lovely additions! And love the Gracie Girl line too

  3. Ooh I'm a big fan of that line by Lori Holt - I have the "macaroons" and the stars in grey - such a great color set! And love the cherries - my mom is a collector, and I think I've bought almost all of those over the last year for her. Easy Christmas present! Enjoy your new goodies, Rebecca!

  4. I can't wait to see all the mini quilts created in this swap!


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