Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday - No New Stash

Holla  My Friends!! How are we all this week??

Can you believe it no new fabric again this week....I know something is very wrong with the Universe??

But I did get some sewing done...Yay...after I had a wee freak out that my Possum Magic border #2 was due to be posted and I wasn't finished... Thankfully I have Wendy who is all things sane and she emailed to say it's not until the 29th!! Seriously how do I get dressed in the morning??
   But look what she has done with my wee bird

Alice's first border is just gorgeous and soft, and she included some very special fabric in the hexagons...I'll say it again, Quilty people are the best!!

Once I got over the heart palpitations of being late I resisted the urge to start a new Quilt......aaaaaaanndd did my Bee Blocks instead. Such a good Girl.

The Compass Quilters Queen Bee for September is Nesta and she requested some cross stitch blocks using this tutorial, in Orange, Pink and Lemon. Some of my favourite Sherbety colours!

I may have gone a little overboard in the cutting department, but since Nesta lives in Italy ( I know so exotic...swoon ) fabric is a bit of a nightmare to source. So I don't think she'll mind the extras

Tell me ...Is it just me? Everytime it seems I make a block for someone else I am suddenly overcome with the need want to have a quilt of my own using the same block?? What is up with that??!!

 For Stash Bee September's Queen is Diana and she chose this paper pieced fish.Once again if I had read all the instructions first I would have had these whizzed up in a jiffy.Diane sent the background fabric already cut and I was at a loss to one of the shapes not fitting the required space.....But once I read the instructions people!! Diane had sent the squares for the particular number in question...they were NOT spares as I had thought....sheesh

 This photo is just a teaser for Carla ...mwahahaha

I don't know where she gets this type of behaviour from...really who's her mother!

Linking up with Molli for Sunday Stash even though I have nothing new....

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  1. Your possum magic quilt is looking great (as are the others going around - I just had a peek). I don't know how you keep track of lots of bees - I can just about manage the tiny amount I am working on at any one time (but then I sometimes don't get dressed in the morning!!)

  2. I am happy to be taunted and teased if this is the result!
    I too have thought both your blocks and Nesta's blocks would be such fun as whole quilts. Even if it is just the colours. Focus. I need to focus and finish stuff first!

  3. With you there, most times when I do a block for someone I want some for me grrrr, as if I do not have enough on the go already.
    Love Nesta's blocks I have a heap of fabric ready to cut, was hard to choose, which pinks, oranges, yellows.

  4. I had never heard of a round robin before and now I find myself looking for every possum magic post by each of you. So insperational

  5. your fabrics are so bright and cheerful! The fish are too cute. I want to make some from your photo
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. My heart did a back-flip when I read your email ... I haven't sewn a stitch yet for Round 2 ... but I will just as soon as I've finished helping to organise the school disco (for friggin 4 year olds!) and my youngest's birthday party ... I'll need sewing for therapy after all that! Love your teaser for Carla :)

  7. Okay, I'm gonna allow this link-up simply because you are showing off such bright, bold and beautiful fabric in your projects! ;-) ;-) ;-) Those cross stitch blocks really do make you want to have your own!

  8. All your sewing looks great. I love those cross-stitch blocks! I also have the same need to have some pretty cross-sitch blocks too.


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