Monday, July 31, 2017

Honey Pot Bee - I'm The Queen!

Welcome to my turn as Queen of The Honeypot Bee!

When I said yes to my Gorgeous SB (Sparkly Boy) way back when, August seemed like an age away, but here we are and here is my choice of tutorial.

These are my three versions of what is a fantastic and highly addictive block, the only thing I've done differently is add an extra round of strips to bring it up to 12 1/2".

The other thing I highly recommend is a scant 1/4" seam

I've used a shot cotton, which as I've said before frays like a beeyatch but is oh so pretty I forgive it!
Two 1 1/2" WOF strips of each is enough for one side of each colour

For a different fabric for each pineapple a fat quarter strip is all you need

For the reverse option you only need 3 scraps at least 4" to allow for the economy HST which I enlarged then cut down to get the accurate 4 1/2' centre.

These are so much fun and a great scrap buster, I'm looking forward to using these as fillers in my Honeypot Quilt along with the others I've made.

  I somehow cut off one corner in the above block?

These aren't all the available blocks as I've been a bit tardy at keeping up!!
 So head over to Molli Sparkles and see all the deliciousness that is on offer.



  1. I love pineapple blocks too. I have made them foundation pieced and not, and I cannot decide on a favourite method.
    I am loving all the rainbowy goodness of your blocks.


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