Friday, July 28, 2017

Half Rec Quilt - Not A Glamorous Name!

I know I promised my final finish last week but I think a week of blogging almost wrecked me as much as the points on this baby!!

This is NOTHING to do with the pattern by Nicole from  Snips Snippets which was in one of the Love Patchwork & Quilting Mags.....but Half Rectangle Triangles and I are not friends!!

Only and I mean only from now on, unless they are foundation pieced I will not sew a freestyle HRT ever again!!

Oh my Lordy Lordy and a few other choice non child friendly words do you think I could get my blocks to match the measurements from the pattern??!!
 I even made a template up out of plastic and everything for trimming.... but those little bastards were always a little off....even with a scanty scant 1/4" seam!

So there was some very creative seam matching to not lose any points, because we all know that a little off here and a teensy bit off there equates to a whole hot mess of where in the beejjeezeers did my points go LOLOL

Luckily my longarmer extraordinaire saved this wee baby with her wonderful custom quilting, which I hope you can appreciate despite the gloomy day these pics were taken.

Isn't this lovely and it always amazes me how a simple quilt can be transformed into something completely eye catching just by the choice of quilting....sigh...wishing I was better at it!

I chose to highlight the pink /red of one of the prints (Riley Blake Domestic Joy??) with a gorgeous dot from Lakehouse Dry Goods

And the reason it was sent out, a fluffy chenille backing ( I swear Sandra I'm getting nearer to the end of these!!)

And when I've finished my Bee commitments I'm hoping to have this one below finished to show you...I've been spending every spare minute on it....lots of piecing but such a fun project!!

Til next time my peeps xxx

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  1. Oh, I love the quilt at the bottom! Those HSTs look fine to me, and it's a very pretty quilt!

  2. It was worth the angst - such a pretty quilt! Great work!

  3. Domestic Bliss! I made my first quilt tutorial using that line LOL! You should try my Shards pattern for easy HRTs :) But yours looks amazing anyway!

  4. I have never tried half rectangles. I am not sure I want to now! Did you have to square (rectangle) them up after sewing? That is the only way I can make HSTs work - make them a whisker bigger and trim.


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