Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week of Quilts - Day 4

Here I Am Once Again....with my suitcase in my hand and I'm running away down River Rooooaaadd...I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head but it is....and then I think, imagine all the useful stuff I could store in my head if I just got rid of all the earworms, and my phone number when I was 7 and the licence plate number of my first car LOL

Anyway on to more serious things...

Like the very serious face or eyes of Little OWB who is now my Chief Quilt Holder...and not to be messed with!

So after I made The Giant Kiss/Plus Quilt ( such an original name?!) I had a whole pile of HST cut offs that I couldn't bring myself to throw away.

So I had a stern word to myself, as you do, and said if you're not going to throw them away you have to use them in a project straight away, or it's just more "stuff" you're hoarding for "just in case"

So voila the little Churn Dash Baby quilt was made ( do not laugh at the very serious face! )

I had two attempts at quilting this!!....sigh...kitten rearranged the backing without me noticing and before I pin basted, 10 rows in I checked the back and there were puckers!! Grrrrr!

Luckily at 6" finished blocks it's not a massive quilt so 10 rows didn't take too long to unpick.

I had enough left over vintage sheet from the Giant Cross Quilt backing to use it again on this little sweetie

The binding is a Riley Blake print and I think it's from one of Tasha Noel's lines?

Vintage sheets, strawberries and sweet little Churn Dash blocks seems like they were made for each other!

OK let's link up with Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation for some Thursday fun


  1. Lovely quilt! Pretty combo of fabrics and pattern!

  2. so pretty -- and your helper is so cute


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