Friday, September 8, 2017

Lady of the Lake - Fat Quarter Shop Pattern Testing

Hi my peeps!!

Wow August was just a blip for me but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing away in the background.

As you know I love to pattern test which means I get to try things outside my comfort zone or test patterns that I might normally overlook.

Not so with this pattern!

 I've been wanting to cross a Lady of the Lake block from my "to do" list forever and Fat Quarter Shop granted that wish when I was asked to test an upcoming pattern from their "Classic & Vintage Series"

The Anna Maria Horner print has been a hoarded piece of fabric far longer than it should so I used it as the inspiration piece for the fabric pull.

The pattern calls for the use of 3" HST paper which I didn't have so I used Blossom Heart Quilts handy maths sheet to utilise the 8 at a time HST method....brilliant!

Quite often I'm a a bull in a china shop kinda girl but when I'm testing I always make a sample block first just to make sure it's the correct size before I cut up a boat load of fabric...

So this neat tidy pile 

Turns into this...which doesn't look too bad

Until you realise they allllll need trimming!!

Initially I planned to have a quilt with no setting triangles of plain fabric so I cut way too much fabric up but once I realised how little time I actually had to sew before the posting deadline, I followed the pattern.......isn't that a crazy idea!!

So I have plenty of blocks left over for either a pieced backing or another whole quilt....sigh

But despite the uncooperative weather for photo taking I think you still get to see the awesome graphic nature of the blocks when set in a floating background

This pattern would look great in so many different colourways and either a light or dark background.
Imagine a dark navy or black background with pops of saturated Alison Glass fabric!

And of course classic vintage with small ditsy florals or 1930's prints. Also the centre HST triangle blocks are large enough to feature some fussy cut fabrics, the possibilities are really endless.

So folks that's it for my first post for September...definitely not my last as I have a couple of finished quilts to showcase and some others in the pipeline ;)

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