Thursday, September 14, 2017

September - You're Almost My Favourite

I Heart Spring! 

Almost as much as I love Autumn, I don't hate Winter but this year I have developed a strong dislike to it we have had week after week of rain...which I know is nothing compared to some of the weather that you Northern hemisphere peeps have had to endure!

But damp day after damp day makes me cranky and my hair like Monica from friends when she went to the Bahamas...crazy!! Plus we've had no end of boogers and coughs and lurgys and I'm done!

So Spring I welcome you with open arms and a boatload of quilt tops to be bound and quilted LOL

Let's start with this Little Beauty...all the heart eyes!!
*WARNING* Picture overload

In the midst of my Pickle Dish obsession this quilt pattern from Lindsey Neill of Pen + Paper Patterns fame popped up in my feed and I fell in love instantly and had to make know how that goes...and I have a small liking for baby quilts

IT'S FREE!! heres the link......I'll wait while you download it.....and follow her on Instagram @penandpaperpatterns.

she's also the author of the Garden Snails Quilt which I also have half cut out ready to WIP in waiting...rolls eyes

Even though it's the worst time of day to take photos I think you can see how stinking cute this little quilt is and perfect as a gift for a baby shower or a little person in your life.

My wonderful longarmer Sandra of Wise Owl Quilting chose the perfect panto of all over clouds

I used Birch Organic fabric in Wink for the raindrops and a Moda white dot on cream for the background

The cloud quilting looks so cute on the cream spotty background!

The back was four pieces of flannel that I'd forgotten what I had in mind for, so they became the backing...I'm trying to use and not hoard

And it is true what they say the more you practise the better you get! Machine binding for me saves so much time. don't get me wrong I love and sometimes prefer the look of a hand bound quilt but I simply do not have the time anymore so I've let it go and machine it if I can.

Last two in the sun so you can see the texture...can't wait to spa treat it and see how snuggly and crinkly it gets!

That's it my lovelies see you soon for International Jelly Roll Day YAY...and another cute little quilt.

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