Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sunday Stash # 16 - The One Where I Fold

Do you guys ever have buyers remorse?

You know the one, actually there are two types in my book.

The first one is ...yes yes buy me (dress,fabric,jeans,funky lip shade etc etc) and then you take said item home and wear, or try on, or apply in the comfort of your own home and then WTF was I thinking is ALL you are thinking!!!

The second type I grapple with, usually pertaining only to shoes and fabric, is what if I miss out??

It usually starts with a stern talking to myself about how I don't need ANOTHER pair of boots or I really don't NEED that line of fabric.

 Like this purchase.Denyse Schmidt's Picadilly. 
Three to Four times a year Denyse teams up with Fabric Traditions to release a line through the chain stores. Joanns in the Northern Hemisphere and Spotlight in Australia and New Zealand.

I thought I did really well only purchasing 5 fabrics from the whole line...and taking an IG photo for the peeps of the ones I left behind...because I really didn't need them...really I didn't?

The girls teased me I'd be back...then I found out that I had gone 1 DAY TOO EARLY and they were all going ON SALE the next day...very very very bad words were said.
I was not going back.... out of principle

Clearly I have no principles when it comes to fabric... I folded...I don't want to talk about it anymore.

But I will talk about some Possum Magic Happy Mail that arrived this week from Jane. She's busy being fabulous as the Editor in charge of Make Modern the new online magazine that is her newest baby!!

Look at this gorgeousness!!

It is Serena's circular geese centre, with Carla's 2nd circular geese border and then Jane's square border around it ...all in Rainbow Theme!!

Really really yummy in person!

Couple more just for Serena

linking up with Molli for Sunday Stash...he's buying leather??...Just warning y'all

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the self-control thing!! I am terrified of missing out. I couldn't find that fabric at my local Spotlight today, but I had DH in the car, so I wasn't able to hang around and ask. Clearly it's gorgeous, and I need it. Lol. I have no shame.

  2. It's great to see Serena's quilt thanks. I wonder what you will do with it. I've been working on Jane's block already. My Spotlight didn't have DS fabric on Saturday morning, but I will go again tomorrow after taking no. 2 son to cricket training.

  3. I have the exact same thing with fabric and it's probably why my stash is at epic proportions. I also suffer the "don't use it for this project what if a better project comes along"!

    Loving the rainbow quilt top. You ladies are so inspiring!

  4. Thank you so much for those pretty pictures!! I can't wait to get my baby back, she is looking so beautiful! Now about those fabric pangs ... I get them when I don't buy the latest thing and I do miss out. You just can't win with fabric ...

  5. OOooh look at all that rainbow! There won't be any colours left to add by the time I get it back (last!!).

    I went back again for more DS too. I like to think I was good though as I only bought 1/4m cuts :D except for that floral on the grid you posted .. I bought 1/2m of that as it was my favourite of the bunch and I'm thinking I have plans for it.

  6. I love that DS fabric :) Wow, what an amazing quilt!

  7. These fabrics are lovely and rare, you did well to buy them when you could.

  8. Gorgeous fabrics though! Being in the UK I can't get any of that DS. But definitely feel the will I miss out.

  9. Snap! We got some of the same fabric! I think it's so pretty but shame about the sale the next day :(

  10. Dammit woman, have you NO self-control? (that's me pretending I would have done better). They are lovely, lovely fabrics though.

  11. I'm so glad the centre arrived safe and sound.
    I resisted the Piccadilly, but geez it looks good in your house... don't tempt me. I don't need any more fabric either.

  12. I would have folded too.
    I wondered how Wendy had a photo of Serena's quilt when I hadn't seen it on Jane's blog. Mystery solved! I love how it is turning into a rainbow – with lots of purple, which we know Serena loves. Mwa ha haa!


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