Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Having A Mental Health Day

I don't know what you guys call it, but around here it's a MHD (see title post) and I was waaaay overdue!
I was gonna be all good and do some house stuff, sorting cupboards etc...but nah I sewed YAY!!!

 Bee blocks as requested by Diana for Compass Quilters

Sooo much fun and easy as....I'm sure I say that every month

Tutorial is here and here's a quick pic side by side to get an idea of how they'll all look together...super happy and fizzy!

I also joined the Amy Butler Aussie Charm Swap run by the lovely Ms Midge aka Melissa and these are the two fabrics I chose

Love Cypress Paisley in Lime and Soul Blossoms Peacock Feathers in Blush....love the feathers so super glad I bought extra....not so happy that I found that I already had a WHOLE yard of the Paisley already in my ridiculously untidy stash.....crap!

Arrived, cut and posted off all in the same day.So I treated myself to a new project..

I used my 22.5 degree wedge ruler and cut 4" strips from a bunch of Nouvelle fabrics, threw in a few extras and cut up 256 tumblers

It came together really quickly and although the photos are a bit crappy it's a lovely mix of denim and pink with only a couple of matches that I try not to look directly at....damn OCD

Little OWB has already said it's hers and I'm thinking it may just be the right size for a lapquilt while reading on the powder blue sofa in her room

Must buy more Chicopee...it goes with everything!



  1. What a great day you had - your mental health must be well improved I am guessing! Good on you - being so productive and creative is always so refreshing for the soul! And your projects look great, well done!

  2. You had a very productive Mental Health Day!! Besides, why not sew?! Doing housework isn't really stress relief, it's more work! ;)

  3. so pretty, I love your blocks, I finished mine yesterday, but still have to do my label. :)

  4. Those bee blocks are so fun! Love the tumbler quilt too.

  5. Hahaha - I have bought fabrics that I already have in my stash also... I figure I must really like it and need that much if I've bought it twice! Cute blocks and tumbler finish

  6. Love all the fabrics you've got going on in the tumbler quilt! We call it a MHD too ... I hope all that sewing has sorted you out xx

  7. Ah, MHD I remember those - wanted more than I had always. Love the wedge quilt!

  8. Impressive productive day :) Those bee blocks look so much fun and love love love the tumblers!

  9. Taking the day off to sew is one of my favorite pastimes :)

    Also, I love the color combination in your tumbler quilt.

  10. SQUEEEE!!!! I love the bee blocks! Can't wait to get that happy package in the mail. Your tumbler quilt is beautiful. Love the colors.

  11. I have Diana's blocks as the first on my to-do list. It will be the first time I turn my sewing machine on in a month so I am happy to hear they are EASY!
    Love the tumblers and can see them on the blue sofa.

  12. I love the bee blocks for Diana. She is one lucky lady to receive them.


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