Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm Sharing The Crazy - Queen OWB is Over at Stash Bee

Hi Guys!

Just letting you know that I'm sharing the crazy that is OWB over at Stash Bee today!

I'm not sure the Stash Bee girls know how hard it was to tone down the randomness that pops into my head!!

 I had big elaborate plans for my month as Queen but in the end decided that simple is best!

Think about signing up for next year my lovely Peeps, it really is a fun Bee and I'd love to hang around with you guys some more and make some stuff for you!


  1. Now I love the idea of a bee, but chicken out when I start to worry about proper piecing and tutorials and the like. Always sounds like fun though.

  2. I'm in my first ever Bee at the moment and I'm loving and thinking of ways I could do more. I love how these blocks work with such simple (but bold) colour choices. Off to read more...

  3. I'm super excited to make some solid blocks for you. I hope to get started on them soon! :)


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