Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Finishes - About Bloody Time!

Well Hello There!!

 You guys are awesome! All the lovely comments you are leaving for my giveaway are making me feel delicious...give yourselves an extra piece of chocolate! I will close it up on Sunday xxx

Friday for me started at 4am with Little OWB waking up......and then vomiting...everywhere!

Poor wee soss, but it did mean a day off work and sitting very still while she napped on I finally manged to put the binding on this quilt!!!!

 I still love it, and I even like the backing that I let the boys choose!

She's bright baby!
 I collect Chenille bedspreads and use them as quilt backs for that extra snuggle factor and to provide some weight that I feel sometimes cotton wadding lacks.

I bound it with some V&A that I've lying around for about 4 years? Quite cool spooky trees as a large piece, but just higgeldy piggeldy low volume as a binding,perfect I think.
The Plus Quilt ( my names suck ) ends up at a good wrap around size of  50 x 70.

Now this baby is HUMONGOUS! So much so that I couldn't get a decent photo of her even tho I stood on all sorts of things...I'm a midget!
It finishes up at a whopping 71' x 86" including the border.

Throw another Chenille backing on it and it's really heavy and delicious! I used two different lines of MoMo, Flutterby and Just Wing It.Both are quite hard to find now...shame

I machine bound this big girl with Leaf Vine in Cherry from Oh Deer, which you can still find bits and pieces of.

My longarmer quilter her all over in big butterflies

and little butterflies.

I'm so glad I can finally show you guys a finish or two!

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  1. Two beautiful quilts. I was wondering how you would quilt it with the chenille...that would be a bugger on a home machine!!! The long ar re did a beautiful job

  2. These are both amazing! Love the fabrics for your plus quilt.

  3. Yes, I was wondering about the quilting too. They would be hard to get through a home machine with chenille on the back. They are both lovely quilts and bet it feels good to have two finishes in one week. Makes you wonder why we don't finish things more often!

  4. I love the idea of using chenille for the back! Your quilts are beautiful. I hope your little one feels better soon.

  5. I particularly like the plus quilt - those colors just look so good against the gray background. Really pretty - of course, the other one is too, but the pluses jumped out at me:)

  6. Well done! Both quilts are looking gorgeous and hope your little one is feeling better soon.

  7. Wow! Two gorgeous finishes. I love the idea of using chenille as a backing, they look so cuddly :-)

  8. Love them both! So bright!

  9. Two lovely quilts! Like the idea of chenille on the back. Sometimes I've resorted to using old blankets instead of wadding inside, but it does make the quilting a bit of a pain.

  10. These are great. I love the bright colors and the fuzzy backing is lovely. I also love the butterfly quilting. Great work!

  11. Love both of these finishes! Especially that plus quilt! Thinking of doing one myself :)

  12. Two beautiful finishes! I love the plus signs with the low volume prints.

  13. Love that plus quilt. Hope your wee one is feeling better now.

  14. Where do you find chenille bedspreads these days? I thought they were an endangered species. They definitely make lovely textured backs on your beautiful quilts.
    I hope little bird is better!

  15. Adore your plus quilt - you're lucky you're on the other side of the pond or I'd be right round to nick it. I love that you used a big bold print for the background of your whimsy quilt - makes the blocks look like they're part of the pattern. A couple of great finished.

  16. These are beautiful. I have a little hoard of low volume charms, I love the brightly colored pluses!

  17. they are both fab! Love the colour placement in your plus quilt.


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