Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Work in Progress Peek - Buzzing Around

I don't know about you guys but I have a weird thing about buying magazines and/or books on my iPad....sometimes it's ok and sometimes I just have to have the paper in my hand...but I can't tell you what defines whether or not it's a must have in my hand or ok to have digitally?
Image of Fabulously Fast Quilts book by Amy Smart
image from Diary Of A Quilter
I bought this book by Amy Smart on my iPad.....I think this one was ok because I really didn't need another quilt book right now but the Title appealed to me so much and if it's not winking at me from my shelf I don't feel so greedy

Using this fabric for colour inspiration...trying to challenge myself by using Purple....very hard!

I'm working on Modern Buzz Saw from Amy's book...lots of fun! and it is a Fabulously Fast Quilt!
Easy to piece and so quick to come together
It's good to work with a different colour palette for a change it seems to keep me more engaged with the process rather than drifting off

I think I will change the borders...can never follow a pattern exactly OCD...but I want to highlight the black/white contrast...not sure what I have in mind will work but you don't know until you try LOL
Also April's Stashbee blocks....I know...very late and I've already done May's, but am not sending them until I've done these ones....they look finished but they're not I screwed up the size!!!
So cross with myself but I will be finishing them in the next couple of days just have to get the seam ripper out....grrrr...too busy watching TV and not measuring as I went, just like the kids?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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