Friday, May 23, 2014

Finishes Yay - And Two Have Moved Out Already

Lots and lots of pictures coming were warned

So it seems I have been doing some finishing amid the shambles that is my routine at the moment...yay!
Feels soooo good to look at these all together and feel like I've accomplished something this week and made some other people happy too...doesn't get any better...two of these have already gone to new homes!
 This baby quilt was done so quickly ( 2hrs)  that I didn't even get time to take any quilty stats about it.
Eldest son's "Someone Special" has a new nephew arriving any day now and when she saw the other baby quilt come back from the longarmer she fell in could I not offer to make one as a gift??

They were both flying out in a few days to Aussie for 3 weeks so I knew I wouldn't have time to quilt it, kids blah blah I quickly text my Quilter and she said sure drop it off 3 day turnaround!!
Machine quilted binding, scrummy chenille backing
And gorgeous hands quilted all over
Too perfect for a wee boy me thinks, last of my Sweetwater Reunion and a little Mormor to round out the primary colours
I couldn't resist a pic of a pile of quilts ready to be bound and snuggled
Binding ready to go

Baby quilt of Triangles that somehow dropped on the floor and got missed from the other Triangle Quilt, so in the spirit of not wasting anything I sewed them together used a skinny white border and had exactly the right amount of Chez Moi by Moda that I have had for far too long...done dusted

And just scrumptious, it's quilted all over in a Fleur de Lis pattern and has softened up beautifully after the dryer

No home as yet for this one
Quilt size 36" x 49"

Little OWB is growing up too fast and obviously observing her Mumma all the time she knows exactly how to turn Lady Muck on even if I switch her off at the wall!! Not even 2 yet...scary

These were early morning photos when wee one was asleep so they are a little bit off in colour.This was purely an exercise in triangle sewing and a colour combo I was stuck,orange and low volume prints

Once again it washed up beautifully and I love that I used up some of the prints in a scrappy binding...I feel oddly satisfied when a fabric is all gone? Except of course for my must haves then it's PANIC and I must buy more...weird
Finished size is 40" x 63"...also no home as yet
Last but certainly not least the custom baby quilt for Dear Friend's first Grandchild!!! She's only a couple of years older than me but it seems frightening when I have a toddler....AAAAAGH

Mum To Be chose the colours and I really enjoyed pulling from my stash to match her paint chips

I hope she's just as pleased

If you got to the end of this post well was looooong, have a lovely weekend and catch you on Sunday for Fabric stashing....
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  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Gorgeous triangle quilt.

  2. Boy, you've been busy. What a great assortment of quilts! We must have similar fabric preferences, because I love the prints you've pulled for your projects.

    1. Lovely to see you again, I feel like I've been busy but it's hard to tell when you're looking at them all the time sometimes it feels like you're dawdling!

  3. Love your quilts. Was the minky hard to work with?

    1. Yes it's too hard for my domestic sewing machine to sew through without lots of swearing , I have to use the walking foot for the binding, it's more to do with the thickness and uneven texture from the candlewicking.
      That's why all quilts that have this backing I send out to be done.So so so snuggly though.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  4. Wow! You've got a lot of lovely quilts. Also, those labels- I die! So cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

    1. Thankyou! I buy the labels from an Etsy shop, she's on hiatus at the moment but when I order some more I will do a post so everyone can support her.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  5. I love the chenille backing! Have you every quilted it on a domestic?

    1. No I haven't due to the inconsistency of the chenilles thickness, it is tricky enough putting the binding on! I'm sure you could if you adjusted your presser feet.....I'm just too impatient LOL


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