Tuesday, May 27, 2014

See The Signs - Put Down the Fabric and Rotary Cutter

Hi Guys and Gals...
Do you ever have those moments when you have a plan and one little teensy thing throws your plan off, but you don't panic and you move onto something else while you ponder the bump in the road..........THEN ALL MERRY HELL BREAKS LOOSE!
I ran out of Heath to finish off my Modern Buzz Saw!!!!

OK over dramatization but this is how it goes...change of plan
You make some StashBee blocks for April, yes very late because you screwed up the size for the first lot....it's OK, you just breathe and go with the flow and make some more, and pay more attention to the next month's instructions LOL LOL LOL

Feeling good and feeling confident you bust out May's blocks, now we're rocking!
 So much fun and done on time and sent in the mail.....April's were fun too once I got my Improv On

Showing you the yellow one again because it makes me happy
Then I took a night off and just sewed a gift for fun using Svetlana's tutorial...make some they are so easy and fun and cute!!

Almost the last of my Sweetwater Make Life Sweet Fabric....it's OK just breathe
New Mum to Be has taught herself to crochet from You Tube but is short on funds and tools and I had these lying around to teach myself to crochet...yeah right when is that going to happen!!
It's always great to give stuff to people who really will use it and not hoard crap keep stuff in a drawer for "someday"

So what's the issue you say?
 None really, still can't decide whether or not to now follow the border as per the pattern on Modern Buzzsaw or continue with my plan and just wait for Heath to arrive.....
So let's start another project shall we.....that's how I roll...took me 45minutes to get the above block just how I like it points matching, bias not overstretched all good.....NO... the orientation of the fabric is wrong

That's Ok I tell myself ....good opportunity to show the quilty peeps how easy it is to screw up while concentrating too hard on one aspect....did this one in 2 minutes...sweet....oh no not sweet.... ..........well just look below
One big hot mess of chain pieced disasters and the seam ripper just vanished...I had it 2 seconds before....so I did what any sane woman would do .....I had a little foot stomping Tanty (tantrum to the grownups still reading)......Put down the fabric and Rotary Cutter and backed away
Am I alone.....lie if you have too
Linking up with more well behaved women like Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday which is being hosted today by the equally well behaved Ms Midge aka Melissa
Sew Cute Tuesday
And Heather & Megan who are far to sweet to throw tantrums
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  1. You always have SO much going on ... it's amazing!

    1. Ha Ha Amazing is one way to describe it.....most go with NUTS.

      So nice to see you visiting :)

  2. I am with ya! Love your writing style...makes me smile. PS where did you get your "labels" if you don't mind me asking.


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