Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sunday Stash #7 - DS Yard Goods

Hi Quilty people it's the end of another week, can you believe it?
Not much fabric to show this week, but I feel like that is a good thing...for me anyway!
I've had this little stack of Denyse Schmidt Dry Goods floating around my sewing space, aka The Dining Table for a few weeks now..... just letting it sit in my peripheral vision...I find this sometimes helps with fabric ideas when I'm uncertain of what it wants to be

They've been out for a while now at my local Spotlight....Down Under's equivalent to Joanns I believe...and although I loved the colour and scale of the prints it has an extremely loose weave and I was very, and still am, unsure as to the wear and tear when used in a quilt...

But they are oh so soft and yummy that I had to buy some before they ran out and I REALLY wanted know how it goes...still not sure how I'm going to use them yet?
I am frantically sewing a few things at the mo but nothing to show just yet, so best I jump on my broomstick and fly outta here

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  1. Those dot prints are really neat! Shame about the weave of the fabric, though!

  2. Those prints are gorgeous! Sadly in the UK no spotlight or Joanns for me :(


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