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Saturday, April 26, 2014

So Sorry for making you sit through this again my wonderful peeps but somehow I accidentally deleted this post and had a complete panic attack thinking it was gone forever....but once again Google solved the day, sort of, and allowed me to copy and paste from the Cache so if it looks a little funky just ignore it and go about your business....jeez I need a computer licence or slave ;)

Friday = Sewing = Mess = Happy

It's Friday ...Yay...I'm here very quickly just to show you a little stuff
You have an idea and you play around with some fabric
Then BAM before you can decide whether this is a good idea or not......

You're cutting and sewing like a woman possessed...damn cross/plus fixation!

And the pile and the idea becomes 35 blocks of 10 1/2" yumminess...I think

Not the greatest pic...night time again...Kona Cotton liking a lot

But Kona Cotton Wasabi is freakin gorgeous...citrine yellowy/green perfection

Two blocks that are getting attacked by the seam ripper in the morning...droopy cross syndrome..what do you expect when ya too lazy for pins

Linking up with Lindsey@ Fort Worth Fabric Studio who I am convinced named this linky party just for me Fabric Frenzy Friday


  1. I am loving all your low volume prints! These are so great, I can't wait to see this come together into a quilt! :) We have featured your post on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog! Thanks for linking up! :)


    1. The top is done Lindsey..come back tomorrow and sneak a peak ;)

  2. Replies

    1. That's all I ask Katie....for people to get as frantic as I do to make ALL the quilts they see LOL
      Thankyou kindly for stopping and for saying Hi :)

  3. Cool blocks! Love the way the colours are popping against the low volume fabrics. You made me laugh with your droopy cross phrase.

    1. Haha my twisted sense of humour, I'm trying to be less OCD with the odd off seam,but as I was ironing these blocks my eye started twitching and I knew it would bug the bejeezers outta me if I didn't redo them....3 out of 35 is a small unpick I think LOL
      Thanks for stopping by :)

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