Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday Stash #28 - Yowzers There's A Bucket Load of Fabric!!

Hi Guy and Gals!!

No messing around!Yes I'm here and I'm blogging...YAY!

 This is a New Year and it's the year of being organised and getting shit done!

Fabric has been marching through my front door quicker than I can sort and stack it in any semblance of order!

And quite frankly I'm too embarrassed to show you how much.....

So here's just a little snippet of a few cuties

Tula Pink never needs introducing and I didn't have these two....and they were on special...just sayin
Slow and Steady

One thing I'm finding with all the Bees I'm in this year and last year, is it quickly highlights any colours lacking in your stash.....reds are mine, I seem to have a few red/orange or red/pink but not alot of true reds.

So these two came home with me from Storybook Classics by Windham Fabrics

If anyone knows of where I can purchase some of this line in alternate colourways of all the ditsy prints I will probably send you any fabric you want from my stash!

Which then led to a frantic online search for more prints and that led to this lot!!

Top to bottom

All My Heart Type Print in Tomato and Dark Coral
Storybook Vacation which is on sale so I took the last of the Mint and Orange Daisy Dots....but you can get them here

And these two red prints are also from Storybook Vacation.....did I mention it's on sale here...

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