Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Friday Finish - Another Baby Quilt!!!

I think I'm just about done on the Baby Quilt front.....holy balls there's a few babes arriving this time of the year ;)

Fabric was chosen by Mumma for a much anticipated baby girl after two gorgeous strapping boys.
She wanted real girly in pink, mint and a touch of grey. I added a bit of white just to let the eye rest and not get too pukey lol.

Tasha Noel and Aneela  Hoey do Mint really well I think so from there it was simply a case of adding a few fillers and Voila pink and minty green baby quilt!

I'm getting slightly better as using my fabric...only 2 years old?!

These days I'm a sucker for machine quilting the bindings on because I simply do not have the time to sit and hand bind like I used to, plus i know on a baby quilt it will withstand multiple trips through the machine and dryer.

 FYI I attach the binding to the front and iron it out, flip the quilt over and iron the binding down.

I use binding clips to keep it all together and for the first time used some of my Roxannes Glue Baste glue to hold the mitred corners down and was thrilled with the perfect corner it made and held...big thumbs up for that technique from now on.

Sandra quilted it all over in a gorgeous panto of swirls and hearts and Fleur de Lis

And she did it in 24hrs as the baby was ahead of schedule!! Awesome quilty people!

I would love some more of this Posy print by Aneela!

The texture is just gorgeous

And I had a quilt holder at home to help....under duress.

Nice to have another finish done and moved on to a new home!
linking up with Amanda Jean....2 weeks in a row....what is going on!! 
And also the lovely Myra from Busy Hands Quilts for Finish or Not Friday....thankyou for the invitation to link Myra :)


  1. Beautiful fabrics. Such a fun quilt.

  2. A lovely quilt! These fabrics are so cute, and that littl etouch of white was perfect with them!

  3. Very sweet, I love these colors and fabrics, just lovely!

  4. Yes, two weeks in a row? What is going on?
    Adding the grey and white is great. I adore pink and green, but the eyes do need somewhere to rest, as you say.

  5. I've had the worst problems with corners trying to machine bind--how did I not think of gluing it down?! Thanks for that tip, it will come in handy in the future!

  6. Charming baby quilt. I'm sure they will love the mint. I machine sew the bindings, too, but have always sewed to the back first. I'm very impressed with your finish. The front looks perfect and that was the part underneath? Wow.

  7. Oh, I love these colors! How pretty! I bet mom was thrilled!

    I sew my binding on, too. I like knowing that the quilt will handle washings in the machine. Like Ann, I sew binding on the back first, then flip it around and sew it on the front. But whatever works for you is the technique to use. Have a great week, Mary

  8. Lovely finish! That posy print is my all time fav :)

  9. Super pretty! And thanks for the tips re the machine sewing of the binding...I've tried a couple of times and wasn't too happy with the finish, but your tips will be worth a try!


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