Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stash #18 - Getting To The Crazy

Hi Lovelies!

My last post was at the beginning of this month so it's official...we are definitely getting to the crazy part of the year.

 People start amping up for Xmas and are in one of two camps.
The " I Love Xmas Camp " or "The Complete and Utter Grinch Camp"
I'm usually in the LOVE Camp but this year I'm undecided. Nothing morose, I just simply haven't had time to fart let alone comtemplate Xmas.

Plus I've made that many trips to the Post Office to send stuff it's ridiculous....pretty sure I'm single handedly supporting NZ Post LOL.

Enough yakking ...fabric this week...lots, but I'll just talk about a couple.

MIMOSA! Yes I'm shouting but I'm so in love with this collection!

I only managed to score a Fat Eighth bundle from Westwood Acres along with the coordinating solids in a half yard bundle as the fat quarter bundle had already sold out. But it is still available here and here and I will definitely be stashing some of the prints.

 This is a cute little bundle that I scored at my local Spotlight.I'm finding more and more good quality basics there, rather than just my usual DS and Sarah Fielke must haves.The light isn't the best but the top print is a two tone grey stripe that I think will be very handy, and I was very much in need of some lime green.

Massdrop also obliged me this week with some Wonder Clips at a ridiculously cheap price for 50, in Pink, to my door. I paid NZD$13 for 10 at one of my LQS's and these were delivered for under NZD$30....

That's enough from me this week, I've got three swaps to get a sewing for and I'll call in tomorrow to talk about my latest border in the Possum Magic Round Robin Quilt.....there was a little drama but I've still got hair so it can't have been that bad!!

Linking up with Molli......who has Bambi on his blog?? And I know he has an aversion to woodland creatures. Better pop on over and see what's up!!

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  1. I have admired Mimosa from afar and don't you just love Wonderclips, great price!

  2. Stunning stash additions, I've seen Mimosa only online but it does look pretty gorgeous - enjoy

  3. I haven't seen any Mimosa but those coordinating solids look delicious :)

  4. I'm admiring the stripes, actually. I just recently discovered the concept of blender fabrics, so I'm consciously looking for the more tonal and quiet. Thanks for sharing

  5. I so love the Mimosa bundle, that may have to go on my list for Santa!!!

  6. I caved and ordered the Mimosa bundle on sale the other day. Can't wait for it to get here!

  7. Love that Mimosa. I got the wonderclips too, and they shipped pretty quickly to NZ I thought.

  8. My local post office manager knows me by name. I know what you mean!
    Enjoy playing with your new acquisitions.

  9. hmph! now I'm in need of a lime green stripe. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  10. Oh, you are so talking my language!! Love love love your purchases! Now, let's see, where were they available...?;) off to enrich the stash!

  11. Farting is very important, I suggest you schedule some time for it soon. :)

  12. I have some Mimosa arriving soon too...yay! I hate this time of year. I love the festivities and the Christmas decorating etc, but everyone gets so stressed and there's so many parties and things to do before Christmas. It just gets crazy!


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