Monday, November 24, 2014

Hight Tea Quilt - Pattern Testing

I'm doing some housekeeping and realised I hadn't blogged about this wee baby quilt!

Back at the beginning of October...a lifetime ago...Adrianne from On The Windy Side put a call out for pattern testers of her High Tea Quilt.

I really enjoy pattern testing so I put my hand up for the baby size as the turnaround needed was pretty quick and you all know I have my finger in many pies!!!

 It's a Charm square or Layer Cake or Fat Quarter friendly pattern. So since my Scrumptious charm square packs I bought way back were just laying around feeling sad, I used them.

Adrianne came up with the idea for her Bonnie and Camille charms that she acquired through Ms Midges charm swap

What a great, straight forward and clearly written pattern.

I whipped the baby size....everything is so cute when it's wee...up in an afternoon.

This is the post that shows all the different pattern testers sizes.

The sashing is Kona Snow and a lovely stripe print from the Avalon Range by Fig Tree.

Simple grid quilting finished it off and I'm happy to say it is now being loved by a family awaiting their new baby.I think I may use this pattern for my Amy Butler charms that have just arrived from the same Ms Midge.

To purchase your own downloadable copy from Adrianne go here or here


  1. I always have some charm squares left over from packs here and there ... what a happy way to use them up :)

  2. Very cute! I make Quilts for Kids, for kids in the hospital...always looking for fun designs. I have a ton of charm packs too...hmmmm... :)

  3. I love this quilt and it's so good to know that you've given it to a new baby already. That teal in the border looks great with the white.

  4. Very cute, and perfect baby colours.

  5. Such a perfect quilt, for a precious baby. Lovely soothing colours.


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