Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Possum Magic Update - Border # 3 Dazed and Confused

Possum Magic update time!!

This time round I received Serena's Quilt and I was super excited! For once I had a preconceived plan....I know unheard of round here lately!!

Don't get too excited, it's never straight forward in the OWB house. For those of you new to the House of OWB and have no idea what I'm gabbling on about pop over here and catch up....I'll wait...

So this is Serena's centre

Which she then sent to Carla who did this to it

Patchwork circle of geese block with two clockwise circles 

 At which point Carla then sent it to Jane who then added the squares

At which point it arrived on my doorstep.I knew that the centre was from Piece by Numbers , which is incidently where I got my Ladybug pattern for Carla's quilt from, and that the 1st border was a variation of that.

 But I hadn't seen Jane's addition as she hasn't had much time to blog since she became Editor in Chief of Make Modern the newest online Quilting Mag.

Luckily she did what I hoped and that was a rainbow colour saturated block of some kind....Booyah!
I wanted to do more geese and on a light background but not in a circular configuration but still keeping a curved theme....so began my journey with the dazed and confused geese....and my seam ripper!!!

A simple concept?...absolutely.....technical difficulty?...not great ....ability to turn your brain to mush at the end of the day? ....without a hint of a doubt!!!!

The slow part was my brain could only do one block at a time, even though I had the fabrics all picked out, I couldn't do speed piecing as the orientation of the blocks required you to sometimes sew on the printed side of the paper and sometimes on the blank side!!!

Recipe for late night swearing in the NTH DEGREE....then I found out halfway through that I was going to run oput of my favourite Heath in Grey, I didn't have another yard stashed......and wait for it....it is now out of print!

My undies were so twisted it's a wonder I could sew straight.!!

Instagram to the rescue ...my peeps sent out a call and lovely Anne from @elmosmate sent me some scraps while I waited for the last yard on the Earth to come from ScrappyGirl on Etsy.

And she's done!!
But not quite....teal geese on top decided to try and buck the flow, which I only noticed after I posted a pic on IG. AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH

Fixed the next day and I sent her on her way.

This was the mess left on my floor and if you looked inside my head my brain would match 

 linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday and Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.

Also WIP Wednesday which I haven't done in forever!!


  1. Three cheers for Instagram helpers!
    Oh god, I am just picturing how much paper you ripped out the back of that! It was well worth it, though! Isn't it coming along wonderfully! What will Alice do next? She has to stick to the rainbow - that much is obvious, right?
    (Wouldn't printing the clockwise and anticlockwise versions of Pieced by Number's pattern have worked? I thought there were two versions.)

  2. Love the movement in this - looks fantastic!

  3. Your round is brilliant. The effect is so worth the difficulties you encountered.

  4. Amazing quilt. That's a lot of paper bits.

  5. That came out awesome!!!!!! I wish that was my quilt :) So fun!

  6. Always look forwards to seeing the progress on each of the Possum Magic quilts. Loving the ripple effect

  7. Well done Rebecca. You come up with amazing designs. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

  8. Fabulous! You all done a great job with this one.

  9. Love this Rebecca! Your "mistake" would not have been noticed, but we quilters are a picky lot~and you're crazy (in a good way) to do this. It looks FABULOUS! Well done on all of you. Who gets to keep it??? Or, what will you do with it? Are there more layers? Inquiring minds want to know!!! :)

  10. Wow that is a perfect addition!!!

  11. it is freaking AMAZING!!!! and you can't fart properly with your panties so twisted :) (people are going to start wondering about this weird commenter who is obsessed with your farts LOL!)

  12. that looks amazing! I love what you did with your border, that was not a quick or easy border to add!

  13. .....Amazing!!!! Absolutely stunning and wonderful and my thesaurus isn't handy or I'd continue. :D Really, really great choice for addition, and beautifully executed!

  14. Beautiful. I love the colors.



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