Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIP's...The Scary Truth

WIP's......how many is too many?
How many is ridiculous?
When do you admit defeat???.......NEVER!
So let's assess and see how bad it is......
Even if this isn't all of them..........LOVE this one, it even has batting and a backing, just haven't quilted it

Churning Octopus??   I need better names...
I bought more of the Tula Pink Octopus Garden to add it as a border but it didn't look right, so I think it may be finished as it is....I don't know...so now it's a WIP ...Miss C loves the octopus
Retina Burning Circles??

this one is ridiculous...I just need to applique down the last circle??!!
This Star Quilt even has wadding AND a pieced back...but not quilted
This is one of TWO Mod Times Quilts, I did not cut the focus fabric in the right orientation...grrr...clearly not thinking at all but instead used it as practice for the next one, which I have yet to photograph...

How my fish should be swimming but they are all vertically challenged and are going sideways??

Blue Amaze- A - Balls?
Oh how I love this one, from City House Quilts, the colours are amazeaballs, maybe I should move this one to the top of the finish list?

Then there is this one...I feel very "meh" about it even though I still love the fabrics....weird looks really olive in these photos
yeah....nah....go to the bottom of the list Butterfly Mess?
This Triangle Pretty?? really, is that a name?...was inspired by Ashley's quilt, if you compared the two you'd think.. "Say What" but it was more the pretty mix of floral and text and solid that caught my eye
it could jump up near the top of the list.......

Will any of these grow up to be a real quilt............what about the others that are yet to be photographed?...will any of those jump the queue to become a real quilt?.......no seriously what am I going to do with all of these??
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  1. My goodness you've been busy! I love the Churning Octopus (LOL) and the Triangle Pretty and the Fish swimming sideways quilts. Can't wait to see these finished! (Sending some quilt-finish motivation your way!)

    1. Thanks Georgi....I need it...there are even more lurking in my sewing room with just as ridiculous names...suggestions always welcomed LOL

  2. These are pretty special! Love the Tula Pink Octopus and the Mod Times quilt!

  3. So do I...the good thing about this blog is that I can revisit some quilts that have just sat folded and unloved, but I still love the fabric so hopefully they might get finished.....

  4. LOVE the star quilt and "triangle pretty". you've definitely beat me on the unfinished quilts! you may have them finished before i get to my two, however :)

    1. oh Jennifer you have no idea LOL I have truly only shown a third? of the unfinished gremlins that lurk downstairs...I am trying to publicly shame myself into some finishes....sorta working...the Sea Stars are almost bound as we speak!
      Thanks for visiting feel free to drop by anytime for more ramblings ;)...


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