Thursday, November 14, 2013

Squishy Parcels

                       So look what was hanging outta my mailbox when I got home
             Bad, bad, bad OWB...I  forgot that I had ordered them??.. and even better what I had ordered? so it was like Xmas
Delicious!!!!! Madrona Rd, Haystack and Broken Herringbone,Good Morning by Moda,Sorbet Flannel (2yards mmmmm) and a Michael Miller novelty that was too sweet to resist

Also I threw in some Meet the Gang and PKL Lover Birds in yellow and more Good Morning in turquoise and can never have too much Turquoise

These are Benartex Bittersweet and a little too creamy for me usually but I love a good striped binding...$4.98 per yard come on!

Mmmmmmm still delicious

Blackish basics ...Good Morning in Stripe and Houndstooth and Essentials VI

This is amazing almost linen looking...gonna have a play around with this Michael Miller Siren Song in Rain

I take no responsibility for my actions and blame The Fabric Shack for everything, if they didn't have such lovely fabric on sale I would be winning the war against the fabric pile.......

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  1. Do you have any of the siren song left? I need just a bit and can't find it anywhere. Found you in a search for it. :)


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