Monday, November 25, 2013

Designer Cot Sheets

So when I found out I was having a  Miss C and not a Master C I went a little crazy on the preparation in the excitement of having a pink one after THREE blue ones!
The girl has sooo many girly theme quilts it is slightly ridiculous...hence her penchant for laying down on any quilt I spread out or try to photograph...she assumes they are all "mine".
One of the first non quilty things I sewed for her after bibs was fitted bassinette sheets, of my own fabric selection...who would've thought?
Now it's getting hot Downunder and she only had one fitted cotton sheet I thought I better whip up a couple more

Hello Denyse Schmidt fitted cot sheets....Get outta town for cuteness!!!!
So delicious I wish I could make big girl sheets out of these...Mr OWB would have a spaz!

If I had smell-o-vision you would know that this flower smells like a  tropical holiday

I used this tutorial here and the only thing I changed was the seams of the boxed corners, I got all sophisticated and frenched them....simply put, wrong sides together sew 1/8th seam turn them in the other way so the right sides are together and sew a 1/4 in seam that encloses the raw edges.

Scrummy yummy...there was one more but I was yak yakking on the phone while I cut it out and made it too big so I have to get the seam ripper out and redo.....lazy...yes...will I do it??...let's wait and see LOL

Gorgeous sheets at under $20 NZD each and cut and sewn in half an hour easy peasy and so satisfying
Jeez the cotskirt is a bit crooked??


  1. Get outta town! They look great - rubbing shoulders with Denyse all night from such a young age can only be good for your littlie surely.

    1. I know right...or am I creating a wee textile monster.....she already likes to sit on my lap while I sew!

      Thanks for visiting Sara its nice to have a native say Hi :)

  2. Awe, I remember making some of those for my daughter's crib! Love your fabric choices!

    1. Thankyou, it's such an easy tutorial to follow and I wouldn't have dreamed of making them myself when my boys were bubbies.

      thanks for visiting :)


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