Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crapola!!....It Leaked

So I got all jiggy wit it and finished up my Sherbet Baby.....
BUT when I pulled it out of the washing machine ready for it's spa treatment in the dryer......
It looked like this? ?...Bad iPhone photo I know but it has an all over pink colour!!!
 In fact it was worse but I had a moment  (panicked) and didn't take photographic one should see such a thing!

And this!  No.......... this Sweetwater print is not supposed to have a pink background ....and there was pink all through the stitching..... after I had a freak out and said very bad words over and over I put it back into the machine after spraying maniacally with stain remover ...and Ta Da!
The pink stitching has gone....
But it is still a light shade of pink all over,compare the white label,
but I like it, a happy screw up.....can happen when you use repurposed backings, even tho I washed it a few times first??
 ....but it is oh so snuggly!


  1. well, i think it is very lovely all pink-y!

    1. Thank you Jennifer I do too, you can never have too much pink in your life, 'cept for that mad as woman who lives in a pink house and dyes her dog pink too...that's a little too much LOL

      thanks for visiting :)


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