Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hunter's Star Quilt Block - Fat Quarter Classic & Vintage

Hi Peeps!

Welcome to another episode in the Classic and Vintage Series brought to you by Fat Quarter Shop!

And let me say.... I love this one! A totally new to me block and one that I had never previously researched ( read googled LOL ) or even heard that much about....but it has so much potential in the modern world!!

 The Hunter's Star Quilt block is highly have been warned!

 I had every intention to only make one block to test the pattern as required ( don't you roll your eyes at me ... ) But then I needed to check my squaring up I pulled a few more pinks to make 4 blocks and get the cool

Then I overcut ( me rolling my eyes this time ) so I made a few more blocks......and before you could blink there was a baby quilt

So awesome...all done in plenty of time ready to quilt for this post....then your cute niece, whom you said could choose a new quilt...jumped on her Mumma's instagram account and said "this one please Aunty" can I's not quilted...she has the legs of a baby giraffe....I'm gonna need to make more LOLOLOL

Such a great block and a fabulous scrap buster....6 1/2" WOF of the print should get you one block...13 1/2" WOF will get you two.

If you head to the Jolly Jabber there will a pattern to download and a video tutorial by Kimberly...have fun

Finishing this post with one of the many notes Little OWB posts under her door after bedtime...."can you shhhhh LOST of love Charlie".......she can be quite delicious 

Talk soon peeps xxx


  1. I had a bag of fabric under my sewing table to make a hunter's star quilt to donate. I got cold feet about the colours and put them away, but this is inspiring me to pull them out again. I think I need to buy background fabric.

  2. I'm loving the look of this quilt - could see it made up in my DS stash. Must finish my wips first!!!!


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