Friday, February 16, 2018

Little Finish - Heart Swap Mini

I know...twice in 24 hours!

A necessary thing to rid my phone of some photos....I'm in a constant state of flux trying to not let them pile up which results in a long editing/filing/saving session...blehhh...which I loathe!

Good news is you get more quilty pics and pithy dialogue from Moi....hahaha

OOOh let's just admire this yumminess...long before I became a "love all the modern fabric designer's" girl, I was a Moda 3 Sisters fan and particularly their floral designs. Then I had a wee girl and went all spazzy for Turquoise/Pink/Red fabrics and Lecien dainties aaaand 30's prints.

So when I saw my partner for the #heartswap2018 run by Sharon Hurrey, I knew I had the perfect stack sitting long hoarded and neglected. Lecien's Flower collection....yum scrum pigs bum!

Ok, two mentions need to be made here

. If you'd like to participate in a well run, extremely organised and super fun mini swap, then look no further than @shoppershaz_swaphost I've participated in several of her swaps and they're fantastic.

Secondly the cute pattern I used for this swap is by another duo I found on Insta the Mother/Daughter team Lisa & Sarah who run A Spoonful of Sugar Designs. Click on that link to be taken to the pattern details and where to purchase/download.

I printed  my 5 large hearts at 75% and the contrasting red hearts at 50%...this kept me under the 16" quilt requirement. I also bought the Clover double needle threader on Suzy Quilts recommendation    ( awesome!) and the Clover jelly thimble...still getting used to this, but no blood was lost so win win LOL

I'm rapt with how it turned out and it's extrememly satisfying to sew something beginning to end in a week and just enjoy. the. process.

My life is quite busy/hectic/chaotic on a weekly basis and sewing is my calm, my flow and my I quite often have multiple projects on the go to keep emptying the creative tank...sometimes they become hectic too....LOL

A little mini is the perfect calm in a sea of swirl and flux...doable and perfectly small so easy to finish.

I look forward to my partner receiving it.....nice chatting peeps xx

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  1. I was a 3 Sisters fan who transitioned into a Lecien fan too. I still love a bit of 3 Sisters, if the truth be known!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I have made several of Spoonful of Sugar designs. They are always fun.


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