Friday, March 16, 2018

Shortcut Quilt - Jellyroll Ripples Quilt

Hi Peeps!

You know that I love me a quick quilt make and Fat Quarter Shop's Jellyroll Ripples quilt definitely scratches that itch!

It's part of the Shortcut Quilts series ( there's over 20! ) that they have over on the Jolly Jabber

Fortunately I decided to get stuck in with a Jelly Roll already in my possession Hello Love by Heather the balance of my order containing the border fabric and binding of the JR I'd ordered only arrived yesterday...postage is so erratic these days?

Can I tell you how much I adore the boho hippy vibe of this fabric!! especially the floral prints......if you click on the link above you'll find it's on're welcome LOL

I'm a fairly recent convert to precut fabrics ....and a total fan now that I've used them a few times, it means you can just enjoy the process. This pattern is fantastic, so straight forward and gives an interesting geometric vibe.

I have a weird guilt thing going on with my textile addiction....I don't feel bad about the size of my stash but do when I hear about the waste and subsequent landfill issues from the textile industries.
Fabric houses seem to release more fabric more often and the the clothing industry is always offering me the next season before I've finished wearing the current season??

So when I can use a vintage bedspread or a vintage sheet I feel a little bit of eco relief....I'm not sure if my tiny act warrants my still crazy fabric purchasing...but I feel a little better using something pre loved and something new.

I think this sheet suits the whole hippy vibe and I used a long hoarded ( 2011 ) Denyse Schmidt floral fabric for the binding. I felt so anxious cutting into this ( ridiculous!! ) but I still have a little more LOL...

My longarmer Sandra did an outstanding job with the quilting and I couldn't stop taking pics to show the texture off!

I already have the next one cut in Poetry by 3 Sisters and now the border fabric has arrived hopefully I can sew it together this weekend.


  1. Love your quilt! I love those HB fabrics but I can't wait to see the quilt in the 3 Sisters fabric.

  2. Such a gorgeous quilt! Love the Heather Bailey fabric!

  3. I am not really a fan of precuts because of my slightly OCD need for accurate cutting, but I love Heather Bailey and 3 Sisters and vintage sheets, so this post makes me happy.


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