Friday, March 16, 2018

Plus Squared - A Cautionary Tale, Take 2

Hi Peeps!

Yes it's me for the 2nd time today and ironically this is the 2nd attempt at this post as the first didn't save!......grrrrrr! 
Sometimes things just work against you and my advice has always been go back to bed and start again but the panicky ones are when you least expect them.

Feeling satisfied that I'd finally bound this beauty after several weeks of it being flung across the back of my sewing chair I threw it into the machine to ready it for thread checking and then the crinkly goodness treatment in the dryer....... cue freaking out face!!

I have no idea how?why?where these marks came from and am desperately hoping that my machine is not going to begin backfiring on a regular basis. 
When in doubt DO NOT LET IT DRY and throw it back into the machine with more colour catchers

Aaaand success, thankfully it was only on the back and sadly these inside pics don't do the colur justice, it's retained it's lovely saturation of colour against the dark background.

Absolutely fabulous pattern from Emily Dennis of Quilty Love fame. She has 20 PDF patterns available for instant quilty gratification and her patterns are all clear and well written with plenty of pics/diagrams...I'm a visual learner so this is important to me LOL

Having a quilt holder in the house I took full advantage and took a boat load of pics to try and show you the awesome texture the all over spikey panto created...

Quilts with feet hahaha

Blew the exposure out in this one so you can really see!

It was a great little scrap buster and used up some of my more obscure saturated prints that I looove but then get stuck with when trying to use and show them off to the best advantage.

In the most unlikely event that you have nothing on the go and need a new project I can highly recommend a Quilty Love pattern....but honestly any pattern that gives me an instant download is a winner in my book...regardless of whether I get to make it straight away or not??? LOLOLOL

have a great sewing weekend and we'll talk soon xx

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  1. Hurrah for colour catchers and quilts with feet!
    I know what you mean about the fabulous saturated fabrics. They need the right project to make them shine, and I think you nailed it with this.
    If you ever want an instant pattern to try, I’ll send you one of mine to test!

  2. What a nice quilt. So glad the stains came out in the 2nd wash!!

  3. This is a stunning quilt! It is giving me an idea for using Japanese fabric chunks. Thanks for posting this.


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