Friday, April 10, 2015

Possum Magic Border 5 - The Ladder To Crazytown

Possum Magic is almost over!!

It's hard to believe there are only two more borders to go before our quilts all arrive back from where they began!

Border 5 had me adding to Sharon's Quilt, which began with this gorgeous centre!
It is a gorgeous scrappy Dresden with the teeniest hexagons I've ever seen......aaaaaand all fussy cut!! WTF!!

When Serena added these Granny Square blocks (also teeny tiny) a couple of borders back I had my AHA moment....I would add a square based block border to repeat the theme depending on what Jo and Jane did.

Luckily for me neither went for squares and in the meantime I settled on the Jacob's Ladder block.

I initially made two blocks with white running through the centre for the ladder but it wasn't right?

Change it to a bright contrasting Solid and now we're cooking!

As in previous rounds I managed to F*&%$ up the orientation between the floor and the machine but luckily I posted this late night photo to IG and Wendy Possum spotted it for me before I mailed it.

A quick unpick and a few Mother Hallelujahs and it was fixed and on it's way to Alice

It really is a beautiful quilt with ,I believe well over 300 different fabrics in it!

I'm in love with this Emily Herrick Rustique print....and purple it seems?????

And Anna Maria Horner's True Colours I think were made just for me....I don't care what you all say they are mine mwahahahaha

I currently have Wendy's beautiful quilt.....and I'm stuck...hopefully that will pass real soon...but I seem to do my best work under pressure...SIGH


  1. More gorgeousness! I love that Jacob's ladder border. What a clever idea! The colors in this quilt are so yummy...!

  2. Yup you nailed it with that border - bright and cheery and full of fun. I want to make more of those little grannies now that you've reminded me of them! ... Oh and I'll fight you for those True Colours :)

  3. What Serena said! WOW that is a fabulous top! It has been so much fun watching you ladies create these fabulous quilts. I am going to be sad when it is over! I think another should commence as soon as this one is finished ;)

  4. I can't believe how much work you put into these quilts. Your border is just fabulous - so many fabrics and such an intricate design for what's becoming a big quilt. I hope I can do it justice in the final round.

  5. As a general rule, I greatly dislike travelling quilts, but holy crap this one is amazing! You guys should all get together after and publish a pattern for it, HINT HINT!

  6. Looks fantastic, I've pieced in border units upside a few times! Thank God for Quilt friends in the interwebs!

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  8. Made several spelling errors and so here is my second attempt. Hen pecking on my phone is a skill to be learned.
    Your border made this whole quilt pop. It really did. Do you have a pattern for this block?


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