Friday, April 10, 2015

Rainbow Mini Swap on Instagram- Still Cheating On You

Yes I'm still cheating on you my lovely bloggy peeps!
I have a tonne of posts to do but sadly noone has gifted me extra hours in the day?

Here's a recent finish for you to look at over your cups of tea,coffee,vodka,gin etc

This was another mini quilt swap run on IG by @katebasti and since I had yet to make a Rainbow inspired quilt, my rubber arm shot up and I joined....once again failing to check my commitments for the month!!
I missed the International deadline by one week but it has gone!

 I bribed my partner with fabric and chocolate and lollies for my tardiness LOL

I have had this pattern by The Tartan Kiwi for a wee while just waiting for the right opportunity to use it

If you have yet to try one of her paper pieced patterns I highly recommend them

I worked loosely on the ROYGBIV order with a little more room for subtle shading between the main colours

The body is made using Robert Kaufmann Metallic and it gives the perfect amount of gold flicker in the light, so I used it for the binding as well.

Don't tell the others but the Purple girl is my favourite...she's the Sassy One!

I quilted in the ditch externally and internally on all four wings then roughly 1/8" outside all four ladies, if I was a fancy quilter I could've gone crazy in the white space, but I'm definitely a Piecer not a Quilter!

She was hard to give away, which I always believe is a good sign that you've done your best work!

But look what I received from Katy of The Littlest Thistle all the way in Scotland!!

This lovely, which I had admired in the #rainbowminiswap feed, immediately caught my eye with it's beautiful simplicity and deceivingly simple design.
It would not have been easy at is perfectly lined up and spaced so the quilting intersects each point on the hexagons exactly and exactly down the middle between each one also!!

It's also on one of my all time favourite fabrics, Heath by Alexander Henry.

Katy also popped in some lovely extras for Moi and Little OWB....teenage OWB's stole the Jelly Bunnies immediately.....Katy is also in this particular magazine with one of her patterns!!

Once again a great swap and ALOT of fun ....which is what it's all about.

Lets count this as a finish for Finish It Up Friday


  1. I would do rude things for that butterfly mini LOL! It is spectacular!!

  2. Wow! That paper piecing pattern looks intense. I love the rainbow colors on all those wings. Very nice!

  3. Beautiful! Looks pretty complex to me. I've watched a couple of tutorials on You Tube and I'm so confused! I should try this. Its has a gorgeous result. Beautiful job!

  4. Gah! How did you manage to give that away? It's spectacular. Lucky lucky partner!

  5. I really want to try one of those butterflies now!!

  6. Drool! Both minis are awesome!! I have those butterfly patterns... You have made me want to print them right now! Soon. Very soon!

  7. Firstly - have you gone mad? 3 blog posts in one night!! anyway, I love that butterfly mini you made and I"m sure the new owner will too. The purple butterfly is my favourite - in case you hadn't already guessed. Such a good idea to get you bee mates to help you finish a quilt. I'll be interested to see how closely their blocks align (colour wise) to what you've already got.

  8. Lucky partner - those butterflies are absolute gorgeousness

  9. Great work! I love the butterflies!

  10. Love your butterflies - I'd be easily bribed if this was coming my way too!


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