Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ritzy Cracker Quilt - From The Cupboard of Shame

Hi Peeps!

I feel bad calling my secondary pile of WIPS the cupboard of shame but it kinda is. I used to sew downstairs in my garage and have all these awesome two door cupboards down there that used to house all sorts of fabric and WIPS and my scrap buckets.

Awesome because you could shut the doors and walk away I'm upstairs in a bedroom my half done quilts are ALL around me!

Anywhooooo every now and then I go downstairs and see if there's a quilt top that could be repurposed as a backing for a current project.....and that's where this one came from.

The Ritzy Cracker Quilt is a Moda Bakeshop tutorial and one I started a loooong time ago with a MoMo Wonderland charm Square pack and a bright blue shot cotton.

I shared the half done top on Instagram and said I still felt ho hum about it....but as usual my quilty peeps shared the love and spurred me on to finish it, and of course now I love it!

Sometimes all it takes is a little outside perspective and a break from staring at the same thing, or fabric for too long to get a new love or eye for a project.

The blue background makes a great change from my low volume and white/snow choices and with the turquoise quilting it's now the star.

The close up to show the quilting also highlights some of my fave fabric combos...purple ,cerise, lime and turquoise...gotta be a quilt design somewhere in my stash that will suit that combo??

The Purple Freebird binding had been in my stash for years...literally and was the perfect complimentary binding, very serendipitous!

I added a few more blocks than the pattern required and added a couple of Alison Glass and C&S prints in Cerise and the olive green...seriously those two design talents go with everything!!

One last pic......Once again I think this will end up in the Etsy shop as I have no particular recipient in mind at this stage......but that is why I opened it, to find every quilt a home!

Talk soon Peeps xx


  1. I still like those old Momo fabrics - and the binding fabric looks fantastic

  2. I am not the only person with a cupboard of shame!


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