Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Candy Floss Drunks - Curving Away

Hi Peeps!

This was not the post I was intending tonight but this quilt has just about driven me mad trying to photograph it and as such I've taken a squillion photos and have to empty my phone.

So look out here they come.....I won't torture you with all of them LOL

I introduce Candy Floss Drunks!

And as you'll soon see it's the most chameleon like quilt when it comes to colour.

In the flesh it's really crisp and gorgeous but do you think I can get one photo that conveys that??

According to Instagram, the date keeper of all WIP's and beginnings, this quilt was born in early November 2016....sheeesh!

Initially it was a few fat quarters of mostly Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mabley and then I just added a few others from my stash and some other designers and whipped out my 6 1/2" drunkards path quick to cut...and voila!!

The photo below is the truest likeness to real life I think....anywhoo the 6 1/2" template is a great beginners size for attempting your first Drunkards Path, plenty of wiggle room and easy to square up.

I sent this out to be quilted by Sandra and although it's difficult to tell she chose a gorgeous Turquoise thread to quilt a floral/swirl's divine as per usual.

I added this photo so you could at least see the fantastic texture the quilting creates.

The backing was created from a left over block and some left over vintage waste here!

One of those quilts where I actually like the back almost as much as the front!

It's not a huge quilt at 42" x 54 I'd call it a cot quilt but I'm really quite fond of it's fun style.

And a candy stripe pink and white binding for the win, I'll be adding this to my Etsy Shop soon as it's not made for anyone in particular and I'm not hoarding all the quilts anymore! 

Last one I promise!

Talk soon Peeps xx


  1. this is beautiful!

    I love the colours

  2. Yes, I’d call that a cot quilt. Good idea to let it go, as lovely as it is, unless you plan to have more babies. ;)


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