Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Some Finishes - From The Basted Pile

Hi Peeps

So I don't know about you but I have piles in my sewing room.........

Piles like "the pretty together fabric pile" and the " fabric on top of a pattern pile" which I think will make me get to it quicker LOL and "the new fabric waiting to be housed pile" 

 Then there's the real serious piles....

"flimsy finished waiting for backing pile"
"quilt sandwich waiting to be basted pile"
"basted quilt waiting to be quilted pile"

This post is brought to you from the last pile and in the scheme of things pretty recent since it's only been basted for about 2 months ....sheeesh

This quilt actually came about because I was trying to tidy up a "pile" of Denyse Schmidt Shelburne Falls and I couldn't find space to fit them all....so I made a quilt top

Now I know this is totally normal behavior for a quilter......am I right? But I also happened to be tidying some printed patterns and this pile and the Trellis Quilt pattern by Aneela Hoey just seemed perfect for each otherf

I added a couple of other fabrics from Cotton & Steel and Alison Glass....designers that just seem to go with everything!!

And I'm absolutely thrilled with the crinkly goodness post washer and dryer spa treatment

Such a great pattern to showcase your favourite prints and easily adaptable for fat quarters.

I popped a vintage floral sheet on the back and although I now think a purpley fabric would have been better for the strip instead of pink I'm still pleased that I'm continuing to use up long hoarded stash fabrics that I just don't love anymore.

I used the same DS floral for the binding that I used on my Ripples Quilt and now that's dwindling a bit I'm resisting the urge to freak out and hoard it....what is up with that response we have when you get to the last bit??

That's it for today but I have several other finishes to show you this week, get ready for the invasion of your inbox MWAHAHAHA

Talk soon xx

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  1. Pick beautiful fabrics and you'll always get a beautiful quilt - I love this patter; lovely quilt.


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