Monday, April 30, 2018

Kokeshi Doll Pattern - A Blossom Heart Quilts Pattern

Hi Peeps!

This is a quick in and out and a Howdy Doody post to let you know about an awesome pattern being released by my friend Alyce ( Ah - lease ) of Blossom Heart Quilts aka EQ8 Ninja ;)

Edit * release date is this week Wednesday 2nd May

Kokeshi Dolls! Totally cute!

These are photos of the dolls and the hair do's I was not supposed to be testing but couldn't stop!...also can't find the pics of my pigtail girls duh!

There's so much room for playing, and fabric choosing....and did I mention playing?

Like I said on Instagram this pattern is absolutely the quilters version of paper dolls LOL

Mine to test was the top and bottom far left....Pippy Starch Pigtails I've nicknamed her

But there's also Helen Clark ( google her if you're unfamiliar, amazing woman with bad hairdo )

Aaaand Princess Leia ;)

The pattern is expertly written, as per usual and such a great in betweener, one doll only took half an hour!
But don't take my word for it, stand by for the pattern release and try one for yourself :)

Talk soon xx

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  1. Yay! I bought the pattern today. I think it will make a cute humidicrib, and I needed Princess Leia and Helen Clark in my sewing repertoire.


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