Friday, January 19, 2018

January's Flying By - Finished Flimsy's

So it's finally happened...I'm on the last weekend of my holiday...aaaagh!

I took an extra week this year due to Little OWB being in school and their term doesn't start until February!!! I wish I was 5 again!!

But nonetheless it has zoomed by, I do not remotely feel ready to get back to the working week...... how am I going to get both of us out the door on time for a start???

Boohoo say those of you who have been working already for the last couple of weeks let's suck it up buttercup and get to the fabric :)

I have been very slowly...trying to sort and tidy my sewing room.
 While going through some patterns and random pieces of paper with scribbles on them? I found a magazine page I'd ripped out with a pattern on it that combined an 8 pointed star block with another...cue the Annabel Wrigley Daisy Chain pile and then I was off! Tidying can always wait LOL

Initially I wanted to mix the prints within the star, but it was late at night and I just wasn't feeling it

Trust me the fabrics are a lot crisper in real life, these are all night shots...sorry.....anyway my answer is always to sleep on it and in the morning I decided to keep the prints together and then I "felt" it.

I'm thrilled with the result and love the shabby chic feel of the gorgeous prints on the Riley Blake Le Creme Dot background....anyone know where I can get some more black dot on cream?? Fat Quarter Shop are all sold out

This little print is my favourite I think

Aaaaand because I started something new and finished it in a few days, I made myself finish a languishing WIP as well....feeling smug LOL


It only had a little to go and had stalled because I fell outta love with the colour combo and was unsure about the crossweave blue background

But I love it again and it's such a sweet little quilt that I think will look gorgeous quilted in a matching blue's good to move outside your colour comfort zone sometimes.

Pattern link is here

So although not completely finished into quilts...yet...I'm feeling pretty productive..yaaay me..does this counteract all the laying about I've done??...which now seems to be not nearly enough!!

Talk soon Peeps ( waving goodbye )

Let's link with Amanda and Myra


  1. Yay you! Two lovely quilts!
    That little print is cute, and I see you have it in pink and yellow too.
    The blue background looks great.
    Yes, being 5 again does sound attractive until you realise you would have to relive the awful teenage years.
    And it must be the season for cleaning the sewing room and unearthing random pieces of paper. Me too. :)

  2. Not one, but TWO newly completed quilt tops? Congrats!!!

  3. Very pretty projects, I love the stars!


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