Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Am I the only one who likes taking photos or looking at little piles of shnizzles...that's what I call the little shavings you get when squaring up half square triangles?

They look so pretty...even if the job is mind numbingly boring, but you are oh so happy with yourself when you sew them together and everything know you smirk to yourself...No?...,just me?
If you haven't already, invest in a small spinning mat it makes the job sooo much easier when you can spin the block in front of you while catching up on all the TV you've missed and recorded but never sat down to watch and now the MySKY is filling up.....come on I know I'm not the only one here

The one I have is a Fiskars 8" mat and seems to be the best size for most of my trimming needs, anything larger I would do on my cutting mat.FYI schnizzles are from a WIP flying geese quilt, that hopefully I can show you some progress on soon.
Excuse the shiny weird night time photos...what's that about? This is a baby quilt WIP and it's to a colour scheme chosen by the new Mummy to be

Doesn't chain piecing and lining everything up in a row make you feel productive and organised?

She's a significantly younger mum than me ,cough cough and very arty and talented in her own right so I was surprised and delighted when she chose quite retro, vintage, granny chic colours.
Brown,Cream, Deep Salmon and a lovely green which on the colour card is called "Hippie Green"

It was fun going through my stash to see what fitted the bill, Bluebird Park lemon...perfect

Some FMF, Denyse Schmidt and a gorgeous voile that I forgot I had even stashed, with Kona Snow ( I think) as the complimenting solid.....I'm doing a kisses block with 5" squares and 2 1/2"solid squares, to get a not too skinny or chunky Kiss.



  1. I love to take photos after I trim, as well :-) That baby quilt is lovely- the mum is sure to be thrilled.

    1. Thankyou for not letting me be bat shit crazy all on my own!!
      I'm quite enjoying sewing this baby know they won't take forever to finish, and all babies need snuggly goodness....thanks for stopping by :)


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