Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Keeping It Real

Can you believe it's Wednesday again?? Actually it's Thursday Downunder but I've been behind since Friday it feels....Xmas is coming and so the paid job is keeping me very busy as everyone gears up for a holiday, which leaves me knackered like an old lady at night, but I have managed a little sewing
This is for my partner in DQS14, I used this tutorial by RPQ, Rita is a legend and don't be a smarty pants like me and not follow her instructions properly....didn't put the triangle down first as per instructions and started with the diamond so my seams didn't nest properly, but once I re read said instructions and did it correctly mine looked almost as good as hers....

Yucky horrible day here so photos are a bit yellow...sorry

This is Gracie Girl and some Architextures and the most delicious cross weave that is definitely not showing true to colour

Still not right it's actually a beautiful silver/grey...shreds like maniac as all crossweaves and shot cottons do I find, but the hand is soooo soft and delicious

Now to the keeping it real bit...kinda a telling off for myself...brace yourself I'm going to show you something...I'm not proud but seriously how can anybody work in this disaster?

Poor little Bernette no cover and now she has become a shelf??

Piles of fabric for future projects?/ Seriously when?

This was an organised sorted scrap bin under that disaster is a bucket full of neatly colour sorted bags....I know that you don't believe me

From a distance it looks creative but now you know why I'm only allowed in the basement!!!

So no more crossed off my list of WIP's but two added...please tell me I'm not alone in this ADD fabric behaviour?


  1. Ahhh, glad to know I am not the only one who feels the need to keep adding projects to the WIP list! Your projects look great though, love the fabric choices. And as for the sewing space, it does seem like as soon as you clean it, it just gets messy all over again.....within minutes even! Perhaps it means that we are working hard;)

    1. Thankyou Kristen for joining my little corner of craziness, I really try to get a few finished before I start more but the fun is in the stacking and playing and auditioning and then real life calls and I have to do the mother thing and clean or feed or work and the mess multiplies LOL


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