Friday, December 6, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

There are actually some photos of two blocks from this quilt in my sidebar but I have only just officially finished it, with binding.....I loathe binding
It came from this publication

And is a Sarah Fielke design...I love her work in case you didn't know, it's a really great exercise in colour placement and practising your point matching as all the pieces are cut individually, not strip pieced and then cut on a 45 or 60 degree angle like most ' hexagon type' stars.
So a block at a time is really quite fun if you cut a whole lot of scraps or strips in one go and then play around with it

Binding is a DS print in black and orange, perfect against the Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass print

The border down each side I designed myself but I should've oversized the outer triangles to allow for bias stretch and being quilted by the longarmer was a mission to bind without losing any points so some allowances are a very scant 1/4" with a few back and forth stitiches

If you've been here before you know I have a love for chenille bedspreads as backing but it's not often they still have an original tag, this one did and I laughed at the colour Jaffa?!!.... as it really is a Jaffa colour (red, round crispy coated lolly with chocolate inside that tastes like orange)


  1. Jaffa! Apt name for a bedspread colour.

    1. Hi Sarah! I thought's Geraldine today as crappy as the Bay of Plenty? rain rain and a little more...good day for sewing tho, the weeds are only getting bigger as we speak LOL

  2. Very vibrant quilt! Good on you for upcycling the chenille bedspreads - Jaffa is a great name for that colour (I think I remember my aunty having a couple in that colour - very 70s!)

    1. Haha she must have been a trendsetter, I like them as they appeal to my retro nature and it makes me feel better about always buying so much new fabric :) it also gives a lovely snuggly weight to the quilt.
      Thanks for stopping by, another kiwi yay


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