Friday, June 1, 2018

Pinkilicious - A Sunday Morning Quilt, But It's Saturday

Hi Peeps!

Welcome to June! Halfway through the year already?!

I went to drop a quilt to my lovely friend Sandra and look what she had just pulled off the frame!!

It's my Pinkilicious Quilt from the Fabulous book Sunday Morning Quilts!!

I just love it....I know I always say that about every single quilt when it comes back quilted LOL
Plus my scrap box of pink's and low volumes is pretty much empty?? to find a pattern for the blue scrap box!!

What I think I love most about these scrap quilts, that like my Vintage 9 Patch, is revisiting some of my favourite fabrics that show up again as little strips or pieces.

Quite often this sends me off on a frantic internet search for some favourite fabric...sometimes successfully but more often not... thank goodness, or the fabric stash would never get smaller!!!

I backed it with a vintage sheet in the perfect complimentary pinks, with a touch of mauve, and although difficult to photograph it shows up the floral and swirly pantograph beautifully.

I wish I'd used a little more of the silver/metallic Jennifer Sampou fabric as a highlight as it provides a fantastic subtle pop........

I've glue basted the binding down and had grand ideas of hand stitching it over the long weekend....but I doubt that will happen and I will end up machine stitching it LOL

Have a fabulous weekend Peeps xx

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  1. Scrap quilts are the best . . . .the more scraps, the better. I love your version in pinks. Lovely!

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  3. Beautiful! Great use for scraps!

  4. Don't you love Sunday Morning Quilts? Your version is just too sweet! It's a bonus to get to revisit old friends. That's one of the best things about scrap quilts. Beautiful finish!

  5. Beautiful finish. I'm also a fan of "Sunday Morning Quilts".

  6. I love this. Pink is a fabulous colour, and it shows what an amazing fabric stash you have or have had, if these are the scrap bits left over.


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