Thursday, November 1, 2018

Monty the Monster - Finishing Stuff

Hi Peeps!

So as I mentioned last time, I have become the proud owner of a new to me Gamill Statler Longarm quilting machine named Monty. You can have a quick squiz at him here or just have a trawl through my Insta feed.

As a result I am getting a craaaazzzy amount of WIPS finished while I learn how to manipulate him and the quilting's awesome...and totally blowing my mind. But the one thing I didn't realise was how heavy the unfinished tops were laying on my shoulders??

Like this one...all the heart eyes here...I love it sooo much!

I accidentally made it while tidying up my sewing know how it goes...found a cute pattern, saw a cute pile of fabric...stopped everything else to sew it up immediately like a woman of a fabric hoarder/quilter LOL

And then I got Monty and he made this little quilts wishes come true and turned her into a beautiful swan.

I really want to keep it but I've made a pile of Quilts for a local charity that rehouses children into new families and the others like this one I am listing them in my Etsy I don't drown in quilts.

I've bound it with a coordinating Annabel Wrigley print from the front, the line is Daisy Chain if you're curious and backed it with a vintage pastel striped sheet...super cute and soft.

The sheet has a slight rust mark that I didn't notice despite pre washing but I'm confident it will fade over time. When using vintage sheets as backings I'm happy with the odd mark and/or stain ( as long as it's not blood ) for the sake of being able to recycle. The textile industry has a lot of responsibility on it's shoulders when it comes to polluting our planet.... I think :(

Talk soon Peeps xx

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