Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Stash - I Have Nada, Zip ,None

Hi My Peeps! Welcome to the Sunday Stash of no new fabric.....I know hard to believe but very true this week!...(don't be silly of course there is some coming!)

But I did get sucked into the vortex that is The 2014 New Quilt Blogger Hop!

Plum and June

I have never had so much traffic, in fact I'm still trying to get around everyone and reply to all my delicious, funny , helpful and just plain lovely comments.

I know I say it all the time but Quilty People are just the cats pajamas!!

If you wanna see me all exposed and stuff, there's even a photo...not that kind of photo!! pop on over here and have a squiz

 But I did manage to get these lovelies done this week for Amanda's month as Queen Bee for Stash Bee

  I'm waiting on fabric for 3......... yes 3!!.. quilt finishes.So what better time do I need than to get my June blocks done and people we're only just heading into the second week of June!!!

 I'm freakin on fire this month! Amanda asked for economy blocks in bright happy colours, with the centre square having a special or feature print

I've got a few ridiculously cute Anne Kelle prints, ya know just sitting around waiting for an opportunity like this....and the butterfly print has been in my stash for a stupid long time so I just had to let it leave home

If you were here last week you would've seen this pull for The Nested Churn Dash QAL over at Quilt Jane.

Well I got to cutting and sewing and playing

And came up with this!

I wasn't really sure if I was gonna go the whole hog and make a quilt or just be content with one big 24" block that I could make into something else......

Seriously....who am I kidding...I'm going the whole hog. Great block and great instructions for cutting and choosing fabrics, check it out here

I will be linking up with Nicholas from Quilts in The Attic while Molli has this Sunday off to relax

Molli Sparkles


  1. Oh I love that stripey fabric on the butterfly block! I made an eye-spy quilt with fussy cut economy squares, but I'm really starting to like the ones like yours, with just a featured fabric in the middle. They look so fun and it doesn't matter if you cut heads off :D

    I've stayed away from the nested churn dash so far... so far...

  2. Looks at all those cute fussy cuts!

  3. Your Economy blocks look great. . . BUT, the Nested Churn Dash block, you MUST go whole hog!! That is nothing short of awesome! Love the colors and the fussy cut middle - perfect!! :)

  4. Love your fabrics in the nested churn dash block and those economy blocks are so cute. I still have an economy block quilt on my to do list that I will get around to one day !

  5. Love the stash and the NCD block is in my fav colors!

  6. Love the colors you chose for the nested churn dash! P.S. the cute glasses in the middle won me over :)

  7. Nothing like an economy block to show off some gorgeous prints! Love all that yellow in your churn-dash blocks :)

  8. That orange butterfly fabric is my favorite! And that's exactly why it's so fun to have a stash--all those lovelies just waiting for the perfect project. And the glasses in the center of your churn dash--to die for! Well done!

  9. Yellow + churn dashes? You have to go whole hog on it! Not that I have a bias towards yellow quilts or anything, but it'll be g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. :D

  10. Your economy blocks are pretty, but BOY do I love your nested churn dash! I love the grey/yellow/white combination and you've got some great fabrics. I love the fussy cut eyeglasses in the center!

  11. Oh man, I love that churn dash block! Those glasses, I die.

  12. Loving the nested churn dash so much - how big can it go?

  13. Your blocks are so fun. I have also gotten sucked into the new blog's a little overwhelming, but I'm learning alot.


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