Friday, May 30, 2014

Floating Stars - Finish It Up Friday

Only block finishes today my friends.
I am waiting on some fabric to finish up my Modern Buzz Saw, I was going to follow the pattern just so I wasn't buying anymore fabric but Heath is a staple in my stash, so it doesn't technically count?

Unedited photos again while big PC is being relieved of the Winter virus it picked up

I'm trying to show you the beautiful sheen that these shot cottons have

It's difficult to photograph even with editing.
Basically one thread colour is run through the weft and another through the warp, creating a two toned effect

The drape is much softer but they shed like a shaggy dog, and when you're working with a lot of edges such as this block, starch is your very good friend

I find it best to spray starch the fabric in small portions before you cut your strips or shapes as it tends to make the edges curl up, and expose them to more fraying as you handle them.

This is my other news for Friday.I have joined the 2014 New Quilt Blog Hop, hosted and organized ( a big job!!) by Beth at Plum & June

Plum and June

I am very excited and nervous as there are lots of new terms and requirements already that I am quite unfamiliar with.
Google Groups?.....nailed that one I think.
Embedded lists?...think I got that one

We'll see when I have to go live with my post at 10pm SAEST??...Reading about that one.

I have also folded on the Nested Churn Dash by Quilt Jane....why do people need sleep LOL


Linking up with the very busy AmandaJean for Finish It Up Friday

And the lovely Ms Midge who is the Hostess with the Mostess for TGIFF



  1. Lovely blocks! and you know ... I think you are the first person to explain why these shot cottons shimmer the way they do. Thank you! I love learning new things :) PS and welcome to Possum Magic!!

    1. Really Serena? I'm sure there is a way more technical description but that's how it looks, the light blue one for example has Blue running through one way and white the other. I love the look of them but they are challenging to work with LOL SOOOO excited about Possum Magic :)


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